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Meeting Notes from the 19th of May
Thanks To PP Paul for chairing the meeting!
Welcome to Kelly from Horse Power
A toast to the Health and Well-being of all the members
  • National Volunteer week thus the Rotary Education piece.
  • Presidential Citation, will need to be reviewed to see if we are eligible for the citation.
  • Club income and expense budget for next year will need to be prepared.
  • Incoming officers are already registered on our websites
  • Covid relief funds – funds have been taken of the disaster fund, in order to assist the world community to over come the issues caused by Covid 19
International Services Committee
  • Shelterbox, Entegrabaa, collaboration with with Ascot – Timor Leste Water project
  • Grant applications close at the end of May, Liam will chase Mike Berman for the information to apply for District or Global Grant         
  • Annual reports have been requested from all current Directors
  • Joint Board meeting will need to be arranged
  • District Training Seminar - a meeting request with the details has been sent to all incoming board members, please make an effort to attend.
  • Any payments that need to be made  will need to be requested to the Treasurer and approved by the board
  • We do not have that much funds available as their was no market income
  • 31st of May is the end of the year, i.e. anything will need to be paid
  • Market Insurance $5K bill outstanding, this will need to be paid

Meeting Notes from the 20th of May
Zoom Meeting with RI President Mark Maloney
Just over 50 WA Rotarians were privileged to participate in a Zoom meeting with Rotary International President Mark Maloney last Wednesday evening.  Here are the main points I brought out of the meeting:
  • Mark is a lawyer from Alabama and has been in Rotary since 1980.
  • He congratulated us on moving to Zoom when we did.  Some clubs are simply not meeting at all.
  • Mark said that our number 1 activity in these difficult times should be engaging our members.  
  • We should reach out to those members who aren't joining us for meetings.
  • We should also reach out to clubs that aren't meeting.
  • We are learning that we can do things a bit differently.  When this is all over, we can still make use of the virtual world.  This could involve a Zoom meeting each month, or every second month if clubs wish.  It provides a great deal more flexibility.
  • Mark talked about a RI meeting which normally would be face to face was held virtually.  It involved 66 people from 19 countries with 7 interpreters.
  • The 2020 RI Convention will be held virtually this year.  It sill be held from 20 - 26 June and is free.   The link is:
  • Mark would like to have 50 000 people on board which would make it the largest convention in Rotary History.  The times are quite spread out to cater for all time zones, although not all sessions will be convenient for all.
It was a wonderful opportunity to hear Mark, and thank you to the Freshwater Bay club for organising it.

Did you know ... ?
A Satellite Club is a transitional step on the way to becoming a full, independent Rotary Club.
Members of a Satellite Club SHALL also be members of a sponsor Rotary Club, until the satellite club is admitted to RI Membership as a Rotary Club. The minimum number of people required is 20 to form a Rotary Club.

Horse Power
It was great to welcome Kelly Mansfield to our Zoom meeting to talk about the organisation Horse Power.
Click here for the link to their website:

HorsePower Australia previously known as Riding for the Disabled Association of WA Inc. (RDAWA) is a registered voluntary, charitable not for profit organisation that provides people with diversabilities opportunities that empower them to break through physical, cognitive, emotional and social barriers utilising the power of the horse to develop new skills, discover new abilities and define the life they want to live. 

Their 14 affiliated member centres provide a variety of programs including riding, carriage driving, vaulting, hippotherapy and walking with horses to people with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges each year.

​HPower have been providing unique life-changing activities since 1972 and take great pride in the fact that our organisation is largely run by volunteers (96%) within the local communities in which our member centres operate.  We are part of a worldwide movement and affiliated with the Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI) and Disability Sports Australia. 

They rely greatly on the generosity of the WA community to provide support and donations that helps us provide therapeutic goal-based activities for children and adults with diversabilities

Walking with horses, mental health program, spending time with the horse helps people to open up it has been proven to help with depression and anxiety
Currently the center is closed, due to the vulnerability of the participants
Unfortunately the horses still need to be cared for, this is a great challenge as there is no income at the moment
  • Gala dinner had to be cancelled
  • Some members get funding for NDIS (they don’t like to fund community recreational programs for under 5's)
  • Members will have to pay, $52/hr for riding session,
  • The Variety Club is an organisation which supports people as well
  • Hopes and horses scholar ship is also available
  • Many members are fundraising themselves,
  • The horses will need a few weeks to months training, a lot of de-sensation training, i.e. pulling on mane, tail, loud noises etc, much like police horses, is required
  • Clydesdale crosses are often used for vaulting, and are a great choice of breed, but the type of breeds that they have on site depends a lot on donations.

Recipe of the week
How to cook that perfect piece of meat? In a way that it is tender and juicy? on BBQ or in oven or in pan...
The cooking method really does not change the point of when your meat is perfectly cooked, it depends on the internal temperature of the meat.
I also am not the one to judge if you want to eat your steak blue, rare or well done - this is your choice entirely.
I can show you a little trick though, that will always guarantee you the perfectly cooked piece of meat.
For a long time I have always checked out the weight and calculated the timing of the cooking of the meat, and normally I was pretty spot on...
My mom is a big fan of low temperature cooking, which I admit am becoming a big fan of very quickly as well, and here is how it works:
You will need 1x tool - this is a meat thermometer, and there are a variety of this available. I have chosen to invest in one, that has a probe, that I can stick into the meat, and that probe is linked to a controller that will tell me exactly at what temperature the meat is at all times.

click on below 'read more' if you want to know the whole secret:
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