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May 12, 2020 6:30 PM
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Notes from the 5th of May
  • We had 17 participants at our last Zoom meeting, including our lovely exchange student, Ciedele, all the way from Germany.
  • Franziska mentioned the upcoming RI meeting with the RI President which is on at 8.30 pm on Wednesday 20 May.  Currently, our club has 5 participants and there may be further places available. Please contact Brian so he can liaise directly with Di Collins.
  • Dee talked about the My Home project which has involved setting up small homes for homeless people on land supplied by local authorities. We will hear more about this project at our meeting on the 12th of May, Dee will be our guest speaker on the night.
  • Dee also mentioned that we had an indigenous scholar sponsored by our club.
  • Laith told us that his daughter Linda, who is Australia’s Minister for Defence, is in the National Cabinet, and very pleased that she is able to participate in meetings from home.
  • Quiz question – the winner for the second week running was Tania.  Beethoven composed the theme music adopted by Rotary as its anthem.
  • Paul liked the signage on the Marquee which will be used at the markets.  It will enable us to have a new presence at the markets.  Maybe we look at flyers and also a video of just what our club does.
Ciedele shared some of her experiences in what is a very different exchange this year.  She is living on the outskirts of a small city.  The nearest big place is Dusseldorf.  The first month was quite normal and she found her German was steadily improving.  However, after the first month Corona took over and she has been in quarantine.  She can get out for a walk, but is basically staying home.  She has used the time to develop her needlework and cooking skills.  Sadly for her, many of the Exchange’s activities now won’t take place, including the Europe Rail journey.  She has, however, enjoyed her time there.  She was due to change host families this weekend just gone.
Tania gave us a very interesting “Who Am I?”
Tania was born on the North Island of New Zealand.  Her family came to Australia in 1971.  While here Tania attended 10 different Primary Schools and 1 High School.  She trained as a fine dining chef and had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand, Fiji, USA (backpacking,) and Canada before returning to Australia.  Looking for a career change, Tania gained Nanny qualifications and worked in the UK and Germany, enjoying working with kids. She retrained again and worked with software for 8 years at 2 different energy companies.  Tania has also worked at the Fiona Stanley and Perth Children’s hospitals.  She is now an instructional designer with Serco.
Tania met Franziska around 12 years ago and subsequently became involved with the Rotary Club of Midland including having a term as President.  She had the opportunity to do a Group Study Exchange in Georgia in the USA.  Eventually, Tania joined the Kalamunda club. 
Tania has been involved at District level – she was on the Foundation Committee for a year and is still on RAWCS.  Currently, Tania is strongly involved with the Darling Range Seniors Hub.

Did you know....?
The Presidential Theme, is the annual Rotary message expressed through the RI President, and directs the service initiatives throughout the Rotary year.
The annual message, whether expressed in a special program or theme or otherwise, is of paramount importance in the implementation of the program of Rotary in that year.
It is essential that any District goals or objectives established by a Governor relate to and be supportive of the Presidents program or theme, and should be known, understood, and effectively implemented be all Rotary Clubs and Rotarians.
Rotarians SHALL present and emphasize ONLY the President’s Annual Theme at District meetings, in printed materials and electronic communications, and during “official visits” by RI Officers except those themes used to promote District Conferences and Rotary Institutes.  RCOP 27.060.
The 2019-20 Theme is “Rotary Connects the World”
It asks Rotarians to strengthen the many ways that Rotary connects the world, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary Service.

Acappella West recording of 'In My Room'
PP Krys has shared the final version of  'In My Room', put together by their director from the singers individual recordings. 
The lyrics are very relevant at this time. The original song was recorded by the Beach Boys. 
Click here to enjoy the final product by ACAPELLA WEST.

Home-made Penne Pasta
A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to get a bunch (40kg) of ripe roma tomatoes, and thus on a very short notice we called a couple of friends for help and we did, what we have not done for years ... we had our Tomato Passata making day!
40 bottles later, we have now enough sauce to last us for a little while... and to test it out I had to make a batch of fresh pasta!
I have made home made pasta before, such as Ravioli, Tortellini, Tagliatelle, Parpardelle and much more, however I had never made Penne.
Step 1 - was to look up how to shape a Penne Pasta
Italian Spaghetti Isolated Stock Photos, Images & Photography ...
Home made they must look a bit different, in order to achieve this tubular shape, so good old YouTube, was giving me plenty of assistance and showing me how to make them!
Click here if you are curious.
Step 2 - look up the pasta dough recipe (an now you can learn from my mistake!)
click on below read more to find out how to go about this!
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