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Notes from the 7th of April
  • We will explore the GoFundMe with a Rotary contribution with Anglicare to help needy families with the schooling from home for term 2.  
    Kaye is going to get more information on how it works, but there was general agreement that the project was worthwhile.  We will look at getting someone from Anglicare to join our next meeting.
  • There was great support for Kaye's ICE walk as a wonderful activity to bring us back together when we come out on the other side of all this.
  • Changeover may be over Zoom this year.  Not sure how that will look!
  • We need to keep in touch with the more senior members of our club and also our past members.  I anyone needs help please contact S Franziska or P Brian if any help is required with shopping or other.
  • All Rotary events that involve a gathering or travel are put off for a year or done online.  This includes Youth Exchange, Conference, PETS and so on.
  • We can explore having a speaker join our meetings on occasions, if you have an idea we would like to hear from you.
  • Foodbank has been struggling and have had Saturday drive through's to drop off non-perishables.  Vicki has done two drop offs so far.  Brian and Vicki have a box by our letterbox if anyone would like to contribute.
  • Brian is delighted that we can have online meetings and he thinks it is great that members have adapted to it so well.

Charlotte Eden - Scholarship Recipient Update
Each year we are awarding some students with scholarships. Charlotte Eden has been sending us an update on her latest project:
From Charlotte:
Thank you so much for the scholarship and I'm sorry that the awards night couldn't happen. I hope you are doing well. I thought you might like an update of some of the art I have been making at Curtin University. For the first six weeks of semester I ave been doing printmaking. After the break I will be moving onto painting.
click on 'read more' to see some of Charlotte's prints:

Rotary's Battle Against Covid-19
Rotary’s battle against Covid 19……What in the world are Rotarians doing ?
As the covid 19 pandemic spreads uncertainty and hardship around the world, ROTARY members and participants are innovating, caring for those affected, and showing that even at a distance, there are ways to help.
Fighting disease is one of ROTARY”S main causes, so now we are helping health authorities communicate lifesaving information about covid 19, and donating protective gear to clinics and hospitals.
These are some of the ways that members are supporting their communities right now………
Italy. Clubs in D2080 and D2041 are raising FUNDS TO PURCHASE Ventilators and protective gear for overstretched hospitals, including a 400 bed hospital built in Milan’s fairgrounds.
These clubs also  fundraised for protective masks for China.
Hong Kong. Rotary clubs have raised funds, packed medical supplies and visited public housing to distribute masks and sanitizers.
Pakistan. Rotary Club of Karachi has distributed thousands of masks.
Sri Lanka. Rotary clubs installed thermometers in airport bathrooms and distributed posters to schools across the country.
South Korea. District 3700 has donated $155,000 to the Red Cross.
USA. Volunteers of Rotary club in Maryland are contacting neighbors who live alone and are quarantined to ask if they need anything. Members leave flowers on doorsteps.
……….and using technology to address the crisis, Rotary clubs ……
Singapore. Hosted a webinar in which an epidemiologist and an infectious disease expert addressed questions about covid 19 pandemic.
USA. In Washington, a Rotary club used crowdsourcing to create an online listing of grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants that offer home delivery.
The Polio experience…advantage……
Using the vast infrastructure developed to identify the poliovirus, and deliver vaccination campaigns, ROTARY is pitching in to protect the vulnerable from covid 19, especially in polio endemic countries, drawing on years of experience fighting outbreaks to support governments as they respond to the virus.
Pakistan. Trained over 280 surveillance officers in covid 19 surveillance, and contact tracing and improving testing in six reference laboratories.  
Nigeria. Over 50 WHO Polio program medical staff work to mitigate further spread, using lessons learned from years of battling the poliovirus. The program also lends vehicles, phones and admin support to the covid 19 effort.
This is Rotarians at work for the good of humanity .    

1. Recipe Of The Week
Last week I mentioned, that I set myself a challenge not to cook the same twice, during this time of social isolation, and that I will share the highlight of the week.
This week I have to share my Easter Dinner recipe. I normally invite up to 10 guests to our place for Easter Dinner, these are mainly friends that don't have close family here in Perth, much like myself, and possibly feel isolated and alone on days of family celebrations. Since many years now, I have been cooking Rabbit for Easter Dinner, and have sourced each year a different recipe. The philosophy behind the rabbit dinner is simple: I give the Easter Bunny a chance to hide the eggs in the morning, and once that task has been completed, he can jump into my pot and feed some hungry mouths. This year it was simply much less mouths to feed... 
This recipe will take about 20 min to prepare, and 90 min to cook/bake - it is gluten and lactose free.
The rabbit could be replaced with chicken, for people that really don't like rabbit, or are not game enough to try - if you never had rabbit, try it! You might like it!
If you are curious enough, click on 'read more' below, and this will lead you to the recipe of :
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