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Hopefully the Artisan Markets will be back - July
Kalamunda - Central Mall and Town Square
Jul 04, 2020
8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Change Over Night
Lesmurdie Club
Jul 18, 2020
6:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Kalamunda Artisan Markets - August
Kalamunda - Central Mall and Town Square
Aug 01, 2020
8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
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Next Club Meeting
23rd of June 2020
Partners welcome
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Welcome - John Milton
1st Steward - Kaye Moro
2nd Steward - John Mullan
Raffle - Bernard Reaveley
Upcoming Speaker
Jul 07, 2020 6:45 PM
Australian Rotary Health Indegenous Scholar
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Club Information - NEW LOCATION!!
We meet Tuesdays at 6:45 PM
Lesmurdie Club
Lawnbrook Rd W &, Boronia Rd
Walliston, WA 6076
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Meeting of the 16th of June
It was great to see most of us back in person!
As P Brian is still off sick, PDG Paul has been kind enough to chair the meeting and he has been updating us  on a few things the Club Administration Committee has been discussing on the meeting held on the 11th of June.
Incoming President Kaye Moro has organised for us to use the Lesmurdie Club in foreseeable future, they are offering us a meal to a good price and we are not being charged any venue hire fees. We will be picking 2 meals as a choice each week, and you will have to let Franziska know by each Monday 6pm what you would like to eat, or if you are not eating or if you are simply an apology.
Kaye, Paul and Dan will be catching up in nearest future, to come up with a new meeting format and agenda for future meetings, to give the meetings more meaning, and to be able to working on projects during our meetings as well.
The incoming board met also on Wednesday the 17th of June and our incoming Secretary will distribute the meeting minutes in near future.
The new committee structure will be looking slightly different than it has in the past. As we all agreed with adopting our new Club Constitution last December AGM the structure moving forward will be as following
Franziska as the incoming Treasurer will be working very closely with the new board to develop a budget that will reflect the plans for the upcoming year.
Change over night is planned to be held on the 18th of July 2020 - this is the last weekend of the School Holidays. We will be having the change over at the Lesmurdie Club.
We hope to see you all next Tuesday night at the Lesmurdie Club - meal choices this coming week are Fish & Chips & Salad or the Sirloin Steak

Did you know ...
Have you ever wondered where your RI dues go ?
Members pay US$64 in membership dues to Rotary International. These funds are used to support our members, clubs, and Districts.
Here’s how membership dues are allocated.
21.95     Programs and member services
13.97     IT operations, and administration
10.96     Communications
6.15       International operations
4.16       Governance and executive
4.01       Finance
2.80       HR, legal, and audit.

Update Youth Exchange - Ciedele
Hello all,
Here is my May report.
What hasn't been going well since the last report?
It was getting a little tough mentally since I couldn't see friends in the 3rd month especially when the restrictions were lifting more but rotary wasn't letting us out of our cities to meet. But I eventually got a 2 night sleepover with my closest friend which really relieved that and lifted both our spirits. It's a little harder to connect to my new host family as we are ONLY talking in German, harder to communicate how I feel, but when I do add to a joke in German or finally get across what I mean, the connection is much stronger/ deeper than if I gave up and tried in English. I was speaking and understanding German in my last family but we had a lot of deeper conversations about topics which would be too difficult to have in German in my first 3 months of learning. But these conversations are what really solidified my relationship with my first family.
What have you been doing since your last report?
I changed host families around 3 weeks ago. I am enjoying a new city (Haan), and a new house, even though its currently under renovations. I have been getting out more as the quarantine restrictions in Germany are not as harsh. One of my sisters is doing exams currently, so we go out as a family the day before each test to get her mind off it. The last time was really fun as we went to a giant parkour course suspended in the forest.
I got to finally see my closest friend after over 3 months of quarantine. It was unreal to see her again. We had a lot of fun together even if we couldn't do everything we wanted to.
There are more people in city areas now which is really strange to see after so long. Perception of what is normal can certainly change really fast. Its not back to how it used to be, but just the amount of people out is both reassuring and worrying. Corona is not gone yet but people who are out, have face masks, use the disinfectant, restrict numbers in stores etc, which is a positive sight.
I got to visit my family in Bonn who I haven't seen in 6 years. It was really nice to see them again and to eat traditional Filipino food, as my host families so far don't eat a lot of meat or rice. I am planning to go to a gym for the remainder of my year for several positive reasons and to also get rid of the slight quarantine weight gain/ muscle loss from not moving around and eating hahah.
Hope everyone is safe in Australia after the corona and dust storm.

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