Monday 26 April 2022
at the Kalamunda Hotel, 43 Railway Rd Kalamunda
We will be meeting upstairs, please order your food on arrival at downstairs bar.
No need to transfer any funds to our account!
What's ahead.... :
31 May - Visit to Perth Observatory
25 June - Change Over
Meeting Notes from  19 April 2022
We were welcomed by President Elect Dan who started with an Acknowledgement of Country.
  • Next meeting, 26 April, John Mullan will talk on what ANZAC Day means to him.
  • Changeover is planned for Saturday 25 June, most likely at Mistelle. Cost is expected to be $75 a head for a 3 course meal.
  • A visit to Perth Observatory is planned for 31 May.
President Liam
The club has committed $5,000 to support Ukraine – the question is how best to use the $$.  Dee can help with appropriate use of the funds.  There was discussion on whether we could go through the local Ukraine Foundation which in turn would be supporting a family or families who have been displaced and are living in WA.  More information is needed but there was broad support for using the funds locally.
The Perth Observatory visit is on Tuesday 31 May.  It is booked for 40 people, but not just our club.  There will not be food on the night, and we are asked to be there by 7.00 pm.  It will be a great opportunity to see the Aboriginal art on display.  Cost is $15 a head, payable to the club account with the reference – Observatory x1, x2, etc.
  • The May market will be at Stirk Park.
  • The June market is cancelled.
  • We are looking at what we can do moving forward and hopefully we will have a market in the Mall in July.
  • There has been a great deal of frustration at the lack of support from the City.
  • The question was asked – are we able to get any councillors on side?  Maybe we should all talk to our local members about the issue.
We had an insurance refund recently.  We were expecting $4,300 but instead received
$430,000.  Only 2 decimal points out!  Kaye has contacted the company to arrange getting the excess funds back to them.
With respect to the Retravision site, Lisa Passmore from Community Gardens is looking at a scheme to beautify the plot which is something of an eyesore.  It will probably be a garden and we are asked to supply some labour rather than money. 
There are new LED lights in the soundshell.  Brian will look to cleaning the plaque with Brasso.
Dan is looking at a video for changeover.  Could members please send any photos or videos to Dan please – email is fine.
Thank You
A huge thank you to Franziska for the beautiful pizzas we enjoyed tonight.  Yum!
Ordinary Council Meeting - 26 April 2022
Ordinary Council Meeting - 26 April 2022
City of Kalamunda
3.1.2 Dan Pearce – Kalamunda Artisan Markets
Responses to questions taken on notice at the Ordinary Council Meeting – 22 March
2022 regarding the Kalamunda Artisan Markets.
Q1.  Will Councillors review the plan submitted by the Artisan Market to the Administration and form their own view about whether the current design enables a large market to continue to function in this space?
A.    The Central Lane design has undergone extensive consultation during 2020-2021 including with Rotary and is currently under construction. Central Mall area is a part of the wider zone that is currently utilised for Markets in the town Centre. The broader area will continue to be utilise for markets, and will have more event ground, increased shade, and amenity. Officers have prepared several draft options for consideration and encourage Rotary to finalise their preferred layout based on what they think works for them within the design adopted by  council. The City has written to the Rotary Club of Kalamunda on the 21 March 2022 confirming it had presented the recent plan as a maximum layout option, allowing visitors to flow in and around the stalls, with the ability to walk through stall areas as browsers shop. The City suggests if Rotary is concerned about the layout of stalls, they continue to work with the City to find alternative layouts. There is the option to have less stalls in Central Mall and retain the current total number by spreading the markets up to Mead Street or into Haynes Street and consider how Barber Street may be incorporated into the Market Zone – which currently includes all the Town Square area. This would provide a larger area for people to wander and browse and would also then enable the market to grow its stall numbers into the future. The City  and Council are supportive of expanding the market zone and supporting the growth of the markets. 

Q2.   If Councillors are concerned that the proposed space can no longer support its previous level of market activity, will the Administration clarify to Councillors how, or if, the issues we have identified will be addressed?
A.     Refer question 1.
Q3.   Is Council prepared to intervene immediately, so the Stage 2 works are reviewed and modified to improve access and function before work commences?
A.     No, refer question 1.
Q4.   Are Councillors prepared to consider remedial works in Stage 1 to ensure it functions more effectively?
A.     No, refer question 1.

3.2. Public Question Time
A period of not less than 15 minutes is provided to allow questions from the gallery on matters relating to the functions of Council. For the purposes of Minuting, these questions and answers will be summarised.

4. Petitions/Deputations

5. Applications for Leave of Absence

6. Confirmation of Minutes from Previous Meeting
That the Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 22 March 2022, as published and circulated, are confirmed as a true and accurate record of the proceedings.

Statement by Presiding Member
"On the basis of the above Motion, I now sign the Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting of 22 March."

7. Announcements by the Member Presiding Without Discussion

8. Matters for Which the Meeting may be Closed
8.1 Nil.
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