11 August 2020
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  • Welcome - Paul Gianatti
  • 1st Steward - Bill Hardman
  • 2nd Steward - Tania Hawkins
  • Raffle - Sheryl Jury
What is happening this Tuesday
This Tuesday we will be hearing from Lucy Variakois. Lucy will be speaking to us about her the Scholarship she has received and how it impacted her.
P Kaye will be introducing to the club the Walk for 'My Home' that is happening in September. Kaye will show us what is happening on the day and what needs to be done in preparation of the day. We will be putting teams of volunteers together that will handle the various tasks in preparation and on the day of the event.
Our Club Board is a couple of people short and we are urgently asking for people to step up to fill the position as 
1. PR and Marketing Director
2. Services Project Director
and 3. International Services Committee Chair (not a board position) 
Visit to the Observatory 
On Tuesday 28 July our club visited Perth Observatory.  We had 10 members and 5 partners in attendance, as well as several Rotaractors as well as some other visitors. 
We were greeted by a lovely Subway spread which we thoroughly enjoyed – thank you to Krys for organising our meal.
After our meal we adjourned to the main room where we were welcomed by volunteer Diana.  Diana thanked Rotary for helping the Observatory get their Lotterywest grant.  We were then treated to a short documentary which featured the artwork in the dome as well as several Aboriginal people talking about their own stories as well as some of the stories featured in the artwork.  It was superb!  I would urge any who missed it to watch it if you can.  The project is called Worl Wangkiny. 
We then had a short talk about the sky stories.  Indigenous Australians are often credited with being the world’s first astronomers. Observing and interpreting the cosmos is a significant part of most language groups and has been used for navigation, calendars, ceremony, cultural lore, song-lines and art for thousands of years. Indigenous astronomy is an important part of this country’s history and sharing those stories and understandings of the night sky enriches all Australian cultures.  The Rotary club has contributed to the training of indigenous guides who will conduct tours with specialist knowledge.
Following this we walked to the dome.  But there was a surprise.  Just outside the dome was a campfire.  We sat around the campfire and were treated to songs by a local indigenous man.  He told stories around them, and wove a wonderful atmosphere.
Then into the dome.  The artwork was just beautiful and told stories related to the astronomy developed by the local Aboriginal people over thousands of years.  The paving was done by Rotaractor Josh Crisp and it too was amazing.  He even built in a Rotary sign.
It was a lovely evening and we can be very proud of our club’s involvement in the Perth Observatory.
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Rotary Youth Exchange - July Report
Hello all,
hope all is well with you.
Here is my report;
All the old exchanges have left now . the only ones left in my district s myself, an Aussie boy and a Brazilian who is staying until late into the year due to the corona situation in Brazil. I have also made friends with another Aussie from a neighboring district.

there is still no word on my visa..

I have about 2 weeks left before I change host families to my last one, and the same amount of time till school starts again.  
I went on a road trip down south with my family for a day or two. We visited a local animal park and fed deers and fish.
My host sisters are super nice and they are having their birthdays soon. My cousins in Bonn are also having their birthdays.
I've been exploring cities by myself a lot more recently. its even led to some cool interactions like meeting professional skateboarders who were filming promotional videos for their companies. 
Stay healthy,
Aug 11, 2020 6:45 PM
Australian Rotary Health Indegenous Scholar
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Kalamunda Artisan Markets - September
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Walk for "My Home"
Sep 20, 2020
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Kalamunda Artisan Markets - October
Kalamunda - Central Mall and Town Square
Oct 03, 2020
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