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13 April 2021
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please join us with your partners to celebrate 100 years of Rotary here in Australia & New Zealand.
We will also have Ciedele Metzger our last Youth Exchange Student joining us for a presentation.
Fingerfood will be served on the night.
Guest are welcome to join us.
Cost $15 to be payable directly into our account. Please contact our Treasurer if you need the account details
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  • Welcome - Dan Pearce
  • 1st Steward - Bernard Reaveley
  • Raffle  - Liam Staltari
Change Over 2021

Floods in Timor L'Este
Once again it just shows how protected and safe we are here in Perth. The photos that were shared from the recent floods in Timor L'Este, just show the devastation and hardship that the local people are going through.
Julio Barros from Entrega Ba (vocational training project that our club supports) has approached our club and asked for support.
The board has agreed to donate a sum of $5,000 US, this is to cover the purchase of food and necessities, that will be packed and distributed by ENTREGA BA staff, volunteers of youth organsiations and other locals. The items will be sourced in Dili. Entrega Ba has identified the shops that offer good prices as part of their help to the calamity as well.
The donated funds will directly benefit about 250 households and 1500 individuals because most family in Timor-Leste adopting extended family. Each family consists of six people minimum. 
Entrega Ba will update us with reports that will include the following evidences in order to guarantee the accountability and transparency:
1. Beneficiary list
2. Receipts of the items purchased and related expenses.
3. Photos of the delivery.
4. Photos of packing packages
They are happy to keep you updated on the daily and weekly progress.  
Also,  ENTREGA BA Facebook page will be updated on a daily basis with photos and short information so you can access the progress of the donations. Also Julio's facebook page is showing a lot of images on how devastating the situation just is.

Rotary Meeting 30 March 2021
We had 13 members in attendance and 5 guests.
We were treated to a lovely roast meal.
President Kaye
  • Kaye welcomed us all, including partners Lee and Vicki, inducted Robyn and her husband David and potential new member Helen Poole. Kaye also welcomed back Liam who had been a bit busy lately.
  • Sadly, Greenbatch has gone into receivership.
  • Kaye, Dan and Liam are going to be attending a Kalamunda Business breakfast Wednesday 7 April.
  • Next meeting will be a Sundowner at the Lesmurdie Club. Rotaractors will be invited as well as our recently returned Exchange student, Ciedele. It will be a partner’s night, and the cost will be $15 per person.  There will be fingerfood for the evening.
Guest Speaker – Martin Farr - AAIC
AAIC stands for the Australian Anti Ice Campaign, which started in Queensland.
Martin presented some confronting facts:
  • Australia is the worst country in the world for Ice.
  • Ice destroys lives.  After taking it as few as 2 to 5 times only 2% of users get off it.
  • It is showing exponential growth and is a major cost to our country trying to keep it under control.
  • Unsurprisingly, Ice drives high crime rates.
  • The purity in WA is very high and rates of use are increasing, to the extent that WA has the worst record in Australia.
  • There is evidence of users as young as 12.  On occasions the first dose is given to people to get them hooked.
Martin showed a video from A Current Affair – very good but very confronting.
Ex addicts are prominent in the Anti Ice Campaign.  Martin is talking to other clubs to try and raise $$ to continue presentations to schools.  He has approached 4 schools in Kalamunda with the first presentation coming in early May.  He also has District support.
Martin is keen to form a committee to organise a walk on 12 September to raise funds for this project..
Martin was thanked for this very interesting and informative presentation.
President Elect Liam inducted our newest member Robyn.  Welcome to our club Robyn – we hope you enjoy your time here!
Krys suggested commemorating our late past member Albert Hazebroek with a community award – maybe along the lines of a Pride of Workmanship award.
Roger White, past member, died last week.  An email was sent to his wife Mary and family last week with our condolences.

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