Planned Leisure
Aug 31, 2021 6:45 PM
Andrew Kikeros
Planned Leisure

B. Applied Science (Leisure)

I have always been interested in the relationship between paid work and other parts of my life. This influenced me to take on leisure studies and immerse myself in the work, time and leisure conundrum.
I have been self-employed for the vast majority of my working life and this has given me a diversity of work experiences in different industries.
Currently I:

  • Work with organisations to map and capture critical knowledge  
  • Discover individual’s deep knowledge to help them when looking for work 
  • Coach older adults in the transformation from work to retirement
  • Map the knowledge of older adults for the WayFairer Project I co-developed

I have always enjoyed the energy around developing my own ideas, and I work hard to improve my own processes. 
This is what my work means to me...

  • Helping people have better lives - within paid work and after it
  • I love asking questions  
  • I work hard to get employers to honour the knowledge legacies of their older workers
  • I am curious about everyone’s stories 

I am really grateful for the range of experiences I have gained and relish the chance to apply what I know in helping businesses and individuals in their endeavours.