Australian Black Cockatoo Habitat
Jul 13, 2021 6:45 PM
Rick Dawson
Australian Black Cockatoo Habitat

Rick Dawson PSM is a consultant specialising in providing advice in nature protection matters. This follows 21 years’ experience working as a Wildlife Officer in the Department of Biodiversity Conservations and Attractions (previously Department of Parks and  Wildlife) in management and senior roles.
In the past 23years, Rick has published over 35 manuscripts and articles in relation to the conservation of black cockatoos and was awarded by the Governor General with a Public Service Medal (PSM) for his work in this area.
Also a long term member of the Carnaby’s and Forest Black Cockatoo Recovery Teams. Due to his experience and expertise, Rick has, on request of the relevant State conservation agencies to attended sites in Victoria and Kangaroo Island to advise on artificial hollows, management and handling of the endangered South Eastern Red-tail Black Cockatoo and the critically endangered Kangaroo Island Glossy black cockatoo.
Rick has installed and monitored more than 360 artificial hollows and successfully repaired 200+ natural hollows in locations from Coorow to the North, Lake Grace East and Borden to the south. Resulting in an eight-year detailed study on developing the ideal hollow for black cockatoos, manuscript published 2020.
A member of the Rotary Club of Palm Beach for 18 years, a Past President and PHF.