Posted on Oct 22, 2019
Graham Peden, our District Governor joined us and addressed the meeting.
Graham spoke about attending District Governor school in San Diego.  RI President Mark Daniel Maloney is keen on getting more young people into Rotary.  His theme is Rotary Connects the World.
Graham shared that we have almost defeated polio - a great effort.  Unfortunately, Afganistan and Pakistan are not making the finishing of this any easier.  He stressed that polio eradication still needs more funds.
Other significant points made included:
  • He is keen for the environment to be an area of focus.It is necessary and will also appeal to younger people.
  • He is concerned that 33% of Rotarians have yet to connect to My Rotary.
  • He stressed the need for a work/life/Rotary balance. 
  • We need to look at flexibility as to how we meet.
  • He mentioned that clubs are growing in Africa and Asia, but not here.
  • The need to develop strategies to grow membership is something all clubs need to look at.
  • All Rotarians need a job, or they won't remain in Rotary all that long.
  • Rotary is about diversity - can have different types of clubs.
  • Finally, Graham reflected that Rotary is trending back to doing more in the community.