Posted by Eddie Lee

From our 2nd year Scholarship Awardee:

My name is Madeleine Stewart and I am in my second year studying the Bachelor of Philosophy at the Australian National University. Studying at ANU has been a fantastic experience for me so far; I have encountered many opportunities for which I am very grateful. Throughout my first year, I studied Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Astrophysics. Studying at the ANU would not be possible for me without the aid of scholarships, so I am very thankful to the Rotary Club for their generosity.  (click on below 'read more' to read more from Madeline)

In the second semester of last year, I did an astrophysics research project as part of my degree. The project aimed to develop a more accurate method for measuring the turbulence of interstellar molecular clouds. I found this very interesting, and it was an excellent opportunity to gain experience in research and to meet passionate and experienced academics. I am still continuing this project and we are hoping to be able to publish it, which is very exciting for me.

In December last year, I had the opportunity to attend the AINSE Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship School at ANSTO in Sydney. This was a three day program where I got to meet many other young female scientists and to hear from many different inspiring people who have incorporated science into their career. We discussed many interesting issues regarding the gender balance in STEM, and were given advice on pursuing a career in science. The program has a focus on expanding our networks and mentorship, and we will have a few meetings throughout the year to remain engaged with this valuable network.
In January this year, I went to Scotland with 14 other ANU Chemistry students for a Chemistry Ambassador Program. We attended lectures and labs at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University, explored Edinburgh, and participated in many other social and scientific events. This was an invaluable experience, both academically and personally.
This year I have begun tutoring a first year Computer Science course, and was involved in Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) for first year chemistry students before ANU transitioned to online learning. We are still continuing to teach the Computer Science course online, and it has been interesting being involved in this transition. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping first year students with their studies.
Studying at the ANU has been an incredible experience for me. I have been exposed to many opportunities for which I am very grateful and met so many passionate and inspiring people. I am very thankful to have received the scholarships I have, including the Rotary Tertiary Science Scholarship. Without these, I would not have been able to go to the ANU or been able to make the most of some of the opportunities I’ve been given, such as the opportunity to go to Scotland in January.