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We had 17 members in attendance and 6 guests, including DGN Ineke Oliver, AG Bruno and Tracey Fic, Peter Durrant from the WA Bushfire Relief Project and Kay Durant from My Home Project.
President Kaye
  • President Kaye welcomed us all and introduced the guests.
  • In the wake of the Timor Leste floods, the Board approved a donation of $5 000 US to Entrega Ba - this money helped feed a large number of people.
Bruno - Path of Hope
The Gala Ball for Path of Hope is on 22 May at Crown Towers.  It is a celebration of what the Paths of Hope are trying to achieve in attempting to break the cycle of domestic violence.
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Guest Speaker – Kay Durant - My Home Project
Dee introduced our Kay who spoke on the My Home project.  Some of the points Kay made included:
  • Over 900 people are homeless every night in Perth.
  • My Home is a registered charity set to provide immediate and long-term housing for people in need.
  • Homes are 30 m2
  • My Home is looking at providing for homeless women over 55 as they are a particularly vulnerable group.
  • The program cost 3.4 million dollars and is supported by, among others, Minderoo Foundation and Lottery West.
  • A builder has been organised who is a member of Perth Rotary.
  • Rotary provides the internals – fridge, washing machine and so on.  Kaye has organised crockery and bedding.
This was an inspiring talk – for more information, look at the My Home tab on our club website or simply Click here for more information.
(Kay Durrant & P Kaye Moro)
Peter Durant - Disaster Relief District 9455
Peter talked about the work Rotary has been doing in the wake of the recent bushfires and also the recent cyclone damage. 
The committee of WA Bushfire Rotary Relief Project was establish after the January Perth Hill Fires, thus for they were able to raise well over $320,000. The main areas of focus are stowage containers, tool libraries, fencing materials and BlazeAid support. Thus fare 27 requests for containers have come in, the committee has been able to procure 23 and 16 were delivered. currently there is a shortage on sea containers, so this is a very challenging task.
The Tool libraries are great for the people that lost everything, they have quick access to any tool they require.
the support from BlazeAid is faulous too, they are a bunch of volunteers, doing simply what is needed. The way Rotary could assist them is simply dropping off lunch one day - the volunteers would greatly appreciate this.
Once again, Minderoo is involved as well as the Peron Foundation and the Salvation Army.  Rotary is involved as Rotary is ably to get things done – connecting with local government and other agencies.  There are several Rotary Clubs involved.
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(PP Peter Durrant & Laith Reynolds)