Posted by Brian Simpson
We had 15 members in attendance. We welcomed guests Bruno and Tracy Fic.
We were welcome by President Elect Dan.
Lembongan Update
Laith told us of the dire situation currently in Lemboggan where the total drop off in tourism has meant that there has been no income for the local and people are starving.  Could the club offer support?
President Liam will coordinate with Bernard re a donation.
President Liam
Liam welcome District Governor Dee and Jonathan as well as Bruno and Tracy.
Liam is meeting with the City re Central Mall, along with Dan and Sheryl.
The Board had a budget meeting last Saturday – will bring ideas back to the club for discussion.
We are looking at a visit to Kanyana – it will be a possum and pizza night.  Looking at October dates.
District Governor Dee
Great to be at the home club!
RI President Shekhar Mehta is from the Rotary Club of Calcutta has the beautiful guiding philosophy “Service is the rent I pay for the space I occupy on this earth.”
A major project for him is empowering girls which is huge in male dominated India.
Key focus areas for 2021/2022
  • Homelessness
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness
  • Partnerships (eg ECU etc)
  • Protecting our Environment
We have the opportunity to develop some great ideas in these areas.
The environment is now Rotary’s 7th area of focus.  This means we could apply for a District Grant for the Black Cockatoo project.
What is a brand?  It is what we are known as.
Rotary is one of the world’s best kept secrets – only 20% of the population have any knowledge of what Rotary is and what we do.
We need to use the Rotary logos and in particular consistently compliant logos.
Jonathan is working on Australian Rotary Health with an emphasis on the Indigenous Health Scholarship Program.  The aim of the program is to get Aboriginal people qualified and working back in their communities.  There are currently 130 Aboriginal doctors in WA, and 360 Australia.
WA has an Aboriginal Health Framework Strategy 2015 – 2030.  It is great to see a long-term strategy being developed.  Jonathan is looking to raise funds for this and has a target of $10 000.  Our Board will consider how we support this initiative.  Individuals can also donate using the Australian Rotary Health website.
Chris Morrison, the President of the Lesmurdie Club, had his business burn down a couple of weeks ago.  There will be a fundraiser to help out and it would be good if we could support this. 
Jonathan suggested that we could show our support for the Lesmurdie Club by becoming members.  (I joined up on Wednesday!!) Click here if you are interested