Posted by Brian Simpson
  • We had 14 attendees for our meeting.
  • Congratulations to Bernard on 30 years in Rotary.
  • Sheryl updated us on the Markets.  There is a chance we could be back in June but it will more likely be July.  The Government was meeting industry leaders last Tuesday.  Sheryl can have the market up and running in 2 weeks.  It will be a smaller market but it will be great to have it up and running again.
  • Laith told us that the Belltower bells can now be raised.  Permission has been given for the bells to be rung, with 20 bell ringers allowed in.  Ours are the first in the world to be opened.
  • Krys shared that she had met with the team organising the ICE walk.  This will be our first major function when we come out the other side of the lockdown.  Kaye is waiting on a representative for the walk from the City.
  • John Milton told us that the Kalamunda Community radio station will put the Opera in the Park on over 2 nights.  They are happy to interview members of the club to help promote Rotary.
  • Dee won this week's quiz.
  • Franziska mentioned the District course via Zoom on Youth Protection
  • Our Aboriginal awardee Lucy will be our guest speaker on 16 June.
  • Dan thanked Paul for sorting the insurance for the opera. 
  • Dan also told us that Phillip Berger's membership application has been received.
Guest Speaker - Dee  'My Home' Project
Dee talked to us about the My Home Project which to do with housing solutions for homeless people.  The major cost of the project is the land, and this is overcome by local authorities granting land on a peppercorn lease.  The Government then streamlines the approval process.  There is an 80% success rate when a homeless person is put in a home.  They are small homes which are low cost to the tenant and are more than adequate while the person is getting on their feet.  There is a Homeless Hub made up of a conglomerate of Rotary Clubs.  The model is to use Government land that isn't going to be used in the short term.  The preference is for them to be in small groups.  At this stage there are 4 areas chosen - East Victoria Park, North Fremantle, Woodbridge and Maddington.  Location is important - being handy to public transport and jobs.  It is hoped to have the first on set up by December.  A single stand alone dwelling complete with whitegood can be set up for around $95 000.  The focus is on women over 55.  We will probably need a club liaison officer as we work just what level of support it is appropriate for our club to provide.