Posted by Brian Simpson
Zoom Meeting with RI President Mark Maloney
Just over 50 WA Rotarians were privileged to participate in a Zoom meeting with Rotary International President Mark Maloney last Wednesday evening.  Here are the main points I brought out of the meeting:
  • Mark is a lawyer from Alabama and has been in Rotary since 1980.
  • He congratulated us on moving to Zoom when we did.  Some clubs are simply not meeting at all.
  • Mark said that our number 1 activity in these difficult times should be engaging our members.  
  • We should reach out to those members who aren't joining us for meetings.
  • We should also reach out to clubs that aren't meeting.
  • We are learning that we can do things a bit differently.  When this is all over, we can still make use of the virtual world.  This could involve a Zoom meeting each month, or every second month if clubs wish.  It provides a great deal more flexibility.
  • Mark talked about a RI meeting which normally would be face to face was held virtually.  It involved 66 people from 19 countries with 7 interpreters.
  • The 2020 RI Convention will be held virtually this year.  It sill be held from 20 - 26 June and is free.   The link is:
  • Mark would like to have 50 000 people on board which would make it the largest convention in Rotary History.  The times are quite spread out to cater for all time zones, although not all sessions will be convenient for all.
It was a wonderful opportunity to hear Mark, and thank you to the Freshwater Bay club for organising it.