PE Kaye did a presentation on how the Board will be restructured in the coming year, to reflect our new Club Constitution.
This is how the board will be structured next year:
Kaye Moro
President Elect
not appointed yet  -will have to be done by AGM in December
Past President
Brian Simpson
Tania Hawkins
Franziska Forrer
Club Administration
Dan Pearce
Liam Staltari
Public Image
to be appointed
Service Projects
Kaye Moro
Rotary Foundation
Paul Gianatti
Artisan Markets
Sheryl Jury
Please click on below 'read more' to find out the various responsibilities of the new Board Directors.

Club Administration:  
  • Club Program
  • Member communications
  • Website
  • Social event
  • Attraction
  • Engagement
  • New member orientation
  • Diversity
Public Image:
  • Media Relations
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Web and Social Media
Service Projects:
  • International
  • Community
  • Vocational
  • Youth Service
  • Fundraising (for projects)
Rotary Foundation
  • Polio
  • Fundraising (for grants)
  • Grants
  • Market Operations
  • Market PR
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Market Administration
For clarification: The Service Project Director will consolidate all the projects, however he/she will not run every project. In order to establish the importance of the various projects that we supported in the past, we will be asking the current directors to do a presentation to the members about the projects, showing us why we should consider to continue the support. It will then be discussed with all the members to see if we want to support the same. If approved and someone is passionate about a particular project, it will be up to that Rotarian (project manager) to form a working group and organise the project. This project manager will report back to the Service Project Director, so the project is adequately represented at the board.
The Market Director is a position that has been added by our Club to have a representative on the Board for our major fundraiser. Concerns that were raised about the Manager being the Director, have been discussed. There is no further conflict of this being the same person, as the Manager nor the Director have financial control over the markets. The market is now run as a club-project. Sheryl and Kaye have been doing a lot of work over the last year to integrate this fundraiser into the club. Regular reports about the ongoing challenges, updates on numbers, and various changes have been given.