KRYS attended a meeting at the Seniors Hub today in the presence of Leader of the Opposition, Lisa Harvey and local Politician Donna Farangher. A range of issues was discussed regarding the needs of City of Kalamunda, the priority being Aged Care facilities, which our Rotary Club are passionate about and subdivision. Later, following a meeting with Geoff Irwin, Vice President of Seniors Hub, a list of possible ways or Projects needing Rotary help were discussed. These were to be ready for next weeks Board meeting.
Seniors Hub Official Launch 27th March. Rotary have been asked to have information booth for the event showing our involvement in Community Projects as well as promotion of Rotary.

Official Opening of the Worl Wankiny Observatory Project will take place on Sat 6th March. A number of Club members and Rotoracters have been invited. A visit to the Observatory is planed for the near future.

KAYE presented Walk Against Ice event taking place on Sat 30th Sept. along the Railway Reserve Track. Glenn Ivers, who will be our speaker on 17th March, will organise publicity for the event and organise visits to local High Schools.

PAUL recapped on last weeks Timor Leste Project presentation and confirmed it has been registered with RAWCS. He will try to get a District Grant to match the Club's contribution. If not successful, then the Project could be divided into segments and the Club pay for one segment. He suggested the Rotoracters also get involved with the Project.

DEE reminded members to register for the District Conference 3-5th April. Topics include. Homelessness and Mental Health. Many inspirational speakers are presenting at the event.

RIC attended the Official Opening of the new Mens Shed last Friday together with the Premier, Mayor and Councillors. The new shed cost $500,000. Our Rotary Club was acknowledged on many occasions during the evening. Liam also attended the event. Ric said he was proud to be a member of Rotary Club of Kalamunda.

PAUL reiterated RI Rules to ensure Club always abides by them. It is important to make decisions in accordance to these guidelines.

GREG reminded members of the Youth Evening 24th March at which recipients of RYLA, RYPEN, NYSF and Tertiary Scholarships will be attending and presenting. It was decided that finger food will be available and that parents will be charged.
10th March Board meeting at Kalamunda Hotel.

Possible joint meeting with Chamber of Commerce. Board has agreed to this but in a neutral location.
Wayfarers. A speaker to be invited to outline their work before the Club commits to any assistance through Community Grants.
A big thankyou to Laith for organising the Bell Tower visit last Sunday.
Changeover: Suggestions of format, venue and costs to be sent to Greg.

Rotary presence at Community events. Suggestion that we assist at relevant events in a volunteer capacity. Club to buy High Viz tops which shows 'Rotarians at Work' on the back in preparation for this.