Beverley Giumelli is President of the Pickering Brook Heritage Group which was established in 1994.
The group has worked tirelessly to promote the past and  create a community spirit to attract people to come and live in this area. The main hub of the Heritage Group is in the Pickering Brook Heritage Park, the site of which was formally Barton Mill.  She said History helps children realise where they came form, and why they behave and think the way they do. She was concerned that todays society does not feel History is important and that rapid development is the way to go. She believes History is part of who we are as a Community and part of our nostalgia. It is about discoveries and innovations which have helped and are helping future generations.
Regarding our Hills District, Beverley stated the area greatly developed post war. The Agriculture sector and Tourism were built as a result of hardworking migrants Prior to this, in the late 19th Century,  timber industry was a key player in this region  .Pickering Brook, Karagullen,Carmel,Canning Mills, Barton Mill and Mason Mill all were involved with timber. Benjamin Mason developed the industry using the local Jarrah wood as main resource, which was a highly valued timber. The timber was initially transported by horse and cart using 4 wheeled wooden carts later replaced by 2 wheeled. Then a railway line was built from Midland, through to the Zig Zag, up to Kalamunda, Carmel and Canning Mills. 400 people lived in Canning Mills at that time with a doctor ,a school and other basic facilities. In the late 19th Century 150 people were employed at the Mill and there were 40 pupils at the local school.
Following WW1 this area became a soldier settlement for returned soldiers. Since that time the timber industry has been taken over by Orchards, Wineries, Restaurants, Hiking and Bike Trails and Tourism is on the increase.