It was great to see the meeting in a slightly different format, and it was also great to see so many members & visitors joining us to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australian & New Zealand, and to listen to the adventures of Ciedele Mezger, our returned Exchange Student that was in Germany.
A big thanks goes to Lis Morrison from the Lesmurdie Club. She put on an excellent spread of finger-foods!

Ciedele's Exchange in Germany 2020
Back in 2019 our club was approached by RC Geraldton, that asked us to sponsor an outstanding young lady, that they could not sponsor that year.
Our club had no candidate that year, and we decided to support the request. It was great to see Ciedele again after 18months have passed.
Ciedele flew via Dubai to Frankfurt in January 2020 and spent time in the area of Dusseldorf & Haan until her return in October 2020.
The exchange was really unusual, as she and fellow students from the same year had to deal with the physical and mental issues of the COVID restrictions, that included lengthy lock downs and the like
Regardless of these challenges though she still enjoyed her stay with 3 different families, she visited a couple of different schools, language school and Gymnasium, had plenty of adventures with friends and the host families, and would most certainly do it again if given the choice!
She embraced the lockdown with learning how to sew and enjoyed being tasked to cook desserts for her host family.
thank you Ciedele for sharing your adventures from your year abroad with us!