Posted by Brian Simpson
We had 14 members attending, as well as a number of scholarship winners and their parents.  They were:
Charlotte Eden, Rotary Art Scholarship 2019, and her mother Claire
Briony Bray, Art Scholarship 2018
Naomi Nickels, Science Scholarship 2019 and father Mark
Julie and Paul Stewart, parents of Madeline Stewart, Science Scholarship, who was at ANU and unable to attend.
President Kaye
President Kaye welcomed everyone, and especially our scholarship winners and their families.
Laith thanked members who sent their kind regards to the Reynolds family and advised that Linda will soon be out of hospital be back in Parliament.
Krys introduced the scholarship winners.
Naomi is studying science with a view to getting in to Vet Science which is very competitive.  She is also doing a great deal of relevant work experience.  Although she hasn’t got into the Vet course yet, she is continuing to study science and is looking at work experience on farms.
Madelaine is in her 3rd year at ANU studying for an undergraduate science degree.  She is mostly studying chemistry with some maths and physics and has undertaken research in astrophysics.  This research will help astronomers making their observations.  She has recently submitted her paper to the Royal Astronomical Society.  As well as studying, Madelaine has been working as a tutor, demonstrator and mentor for younger students.  (Presented by her mother and father.)
Briony is a visual artist.  She used our funds to buy a very good camera suitable for her needs.  She is working at a gallery and doing great art and will invite us to planned exhibition.  She is a final year student.
Charlotte is a second-year student at Curtin doing Fine Arts.  She is on a Youth Advisory panel.  She is also working to see Arts students learning to develop their business skills.  As well, she is helping museums develop spaces friendly to Aspergers students.  In addition, she is helping to design a mural for the High Wycombe railway station.
The young ladies all thanked Rotary for the help we have given them.  They are impressive citizens, and spoke with passion.  Our money has been spent wisely!
  • The club has donated to My Home.  We can go and visit the site in Kewdale on Friday 12 March at 2.00 pm.
  • Kaye has done the President Elect course.  The club needs to look at projects – something we can get our teeth into.  Kaye called for members to come up with ideas.  We had already done some work on this with Kaye some months back.
Rotary has 6 areas of focus and is looking at a 7th Avenue relating to the environment.  Some clubs, including Wyalkatchem, are already doing a great deal in this area.  Maybe we should consider a partnership.
Eddie asked what is happening re Stirk Park.  There will be a vote on it at the meeting 25 March.
This was a wonderful meeting with the larger room being a much better meeting venue.  People stayed behind to have a chat following the meeting which is always a sign of a successful evening.