Hello all,
hope all is well with you.
Here is my report;
All the old exchanges have left now . the only ones left in my district s myself, an Aussie boy and a Brazilian who is staying until late into the year due to the corona situation in Brazil. I have also made friends with another Aussie from a neighboring district.

there is still no word on my visa..

I have about 2 weeks left before I change host families to my last one, and the same amount of time till school starts again.  
I went on a road trip down south with my family for a day or two. We visited a local animal park and fed deers and fish.
My host sisters are super nice and they are having their birthdays soon. My cousins in Bonn are also having their birthdays.
I've been exploring cities by myself a lot more recently. its even led to some cool interactions like meeting professional skateboarders who were filming promotional videos for their companies. 
Stay healthy,