It's our founder's, Paul Harris' birthday

Now here is a little bit of trivia, just for a change... and a reason for you to perhaps make a small personal contribution to our Foundation in honor of Paul's birthday..............give the gift that keeps on giving!

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A guest book signed by many visitors to Rotary founder Paul Harris' home shares the words that some of Rotary's early members used to express their friendship. The book is preserved in Rotary's archives in Evanston , Illinois.
Harris and his wife, Jean, bought their home in Morgan Park, which was then a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, USA, in 1912. There they entertained friends from Chicago and around the world, hosting meetings and reunions of the Rotary Club of Chicago.
Guests signed the book over many years. It includes a 1915 calendar, along with entries dated from 1919 onward. Although some guests simply signed their names and perhaps noted the dates of their visits, others left longer messages. The pages offer reflections on friendship, lasting connections, and what members loved about Rotary.
The date printed on the pages don't match the actual dates of most of the visits. Instead, it appears that many visitors signed the page with their birthday. Harris himself, a lawyer, used the book to take notes of a few meetings with his clients.
In honor of Paul Harris' birthday of the 19th of April, give the gift that keeps on giving