2x of our new members, Kim and Vanessa McNair gave us a quick insight into their lives.
He was born in Safety Bay. Kim went to Uni, but he left before end of study and instead decided to help on his uncle's farm where he drove tractors and acquired a number of mechanical skills. He moved to Broome, had a family and eventually returned to Perth.
He got his dream job working in an Oil Service Company due to his mechanical aptitude. He started at Eneabbe followed by a stint in the desert  running a well testing package. Finally he got the most coveted job of working offshore in the Timor Sea.
As his relationship broke up he moved to Bunbury to be closer to his daughters. Thats where he met Vanessa and the rest is history!
She was born in Derby in the Kimberleys and later moved to Broome. She moved to Perth to train as a Nanny but due to ill health she returned to Broome.
Vanessa moved back down to Perth again where she gained employment by Max Kaye,  a businessman and entertainer.  Vanessa started in the Tele-marketing department, where she later became assistant manager. She said this was the best job she ever had.
When the Company closed down she went back North to Derby, Port Hedland and Meekathara, where she managed a Hotel. Later she moved to Bunbury and went to study in Perth to become an Events Manger.
She came to work for the City of Kalamunda for a few years and now has her own business.

Kim and Vanessa got married in Las Vegas, joining the two families together, all 4 girls. They both now live in Lesmurdie.