15 September 2020
we will be finalising the logistics for 
the walk for 'my home' Project
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  • Welcome - Paul Gianatti
  • 1st Steward - Bill Hardman
  • Raffle - Tania Hawkins
Notices from the 1st of September 2020
We had 13 in attendance, and welcomed PDG Jerry Pilcher as a guest, and also taking over from guest speaker Lucy who has come down with the flu.  Jerry will also talk on Rotary Health.
President Kaye
  • Thank you, Franziska, for arranging a donation of drinks from the Coles DC for the walk.
  • Two people required to help out at the markets giving out brochures for the walk from 11.00 – 1.30.  Rob and Brian volunteered.
  • Paul Moro has 50 Fairy houses – will have a village on the walk.  It will be where the Rotarians are.
Jerry Pilcher – Australian Rotary Health/Indigenous Health Scholarship Program
ARH – the start
  • Australian Rotary Health – like many programs was the idea of 1 Rotary member – Ian Scott – from Mornington – Victoria – nearly 40 years ago. He heard of another incidence of Cot Death – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – his Club and other Clubs in Victoria agreed to do something about it
  • The 1st research program was conducted at Hobart University – as a result – the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (cot death) was reduced by 80% saving many 1000’s of young lives
  • With that success – Australian Rotary Health was born
Since 2000 our focus is Mental Health Research – especially young people - “Lift the Lid” – Why?
  • To ensure that people are not afraid to talk about the issues, it’s OK to talk about these – starts the healing process
  • When we consider the following information – it’s truly frightening
  • 1 in 5 Australians will have Mental Health issues in any one year
  • 1 in 2 Australians will experience issues in their lifetime
  • 1 in 3 young people will have a Mental health episode BEFORE they are 25 years old
  • 1 in 6 young people under the age of 14 will experience anxiety, depression or worse
  • Many of these episodes unfortunately lead to self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide
  • I’m sure we all know someone close to us who has experienced Mental Health issues
  • Our future research programs may well focus on these younger people, and their families
New Research is being conducted into many areas –
  • Changing Patterns of Suicidal Behaviour in Young Women
  • Helping Indigenous Families overcome Trauma
  • Stress & Depression in young Athletes – working with many organisations – all levels not just elite
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – again – it is OK to talk to someone – ask for help
  • “Don’t Fight in Front of the Kids” – Research has shown that this causes so many problems later in life
  • There are currently 4 Research Grants being conducted here in WA
  • From that 1st single grant – 20 years later – we are funding 94 Research Grants at present
  • 100% of ALL donations go to support Mental Health Research programs and grants – tax deductible
  • Full information and details are available on the ARH Website
If I could leave you with one last thought – when one person reaches out, seeking help, and then we respond saying yes, we will help you, we take the I out of Illness, replace it with WE, and – Illness becomes Wellness
Indigenous Health Scholar successes
  • Over 300 students have graduated since 2003 – in many areas of medicine
  • Between 20% & 25% of Indigenous Doctors have gone through the program
  • Out of 100,000 Doctors in 2019 – only 400 are Indigenous
  • Indigenous Scholars who are or have been “movers & shakers”
§ Dr. Kali Hayward – Past President of AIDA – Australian Indigenous Doctors Association
§ Sean White – Past Vice-President of AIDA
§ Current President of the Indigenous Dentists Association
§ Associate Professor James Charles – started Indigenous Allied Health Association
§ Many past students are on the Board of AIDA
Lucy’s Speech – read by Jerry
  • Lucy is a proud Yamatji women.
  • She is studying 1st year medicine at UWA.  She eventually hopes to work with children.
  • She has been able to complete a lot of work from home.
  • Lucy thanks Rotary for their help.
  • As ADG, Krys has been visiting different clubs.
  • She has noted that different clubs have different styles.
  • One club has a social evening per month.
We are planning social evenings.  They will also be membership drives (check under event).
The polio movie will be going ahead this year.  There will only be one this year and at the Morley Galleria.  The date is 22 November, and the movie is I Am Woman, the Helen Reddy story.  If COVID restrictions are still in place, we will be given 2 theatres.
A full meeting, with a wealth of information presented.

District Governor's Message
As part of the meeting we were showing DG Jon Bilson's message.
If you have missed the meeting or if you want to watch it again, please click here to view the video.

Did you know ...?
A Centurion was a professional Officer in the armies of ancient Rome and its Empire.
The “CENTURION” was the Commander of a ‘Centuria’ of 100 men.
In Rotary, a “CENTURION”  is a person who commits themselves to making a contribution of 100 dollars to the ‘Australian Rotary Foundation Trust’ annually, for as long as they are able. You will become a member of the “Centurion Club”, and you will receive a certificate and lapel pin which you are encouraged to wear with pride, knowing you are ‘doing good in the world’.
If every member of a Club becomes a Centurion, the club will be recognised as a “CENTURION CLUB”.
Click here for our District’s CENTURION MEMBERSHIP form to make your contribution. To obtain your RI membership number, login to ‘ ’, click on “go to my profile’ on left side of page, and there you will find your number.
How easy is that !
Rotary Youth Exchange - August 2020
Good evening all,
Sorry for the late submission. I already sent to David through another website and forgot to inform you as well.
My visa hasn't arrived yet but there is progress. We are waiting for a call back from the office, then we will book an appointment. This appointment could be anytime within 6 weeks. Then once everything goes smoothly, we wait from another 6 weeks for my visa identification card to arrive in the mail. I just hope that it is sorted before the next school holidays so I can go outside of Germany for trips or for a rotary tour.

The last week with my 2nd host family was spent on a trip up North, near the Denmark border, to an island called Sylt. Was nice to spend a week with mum, dad, 2 sisters and grandma on a trip to the beach. Was especially refreshing to swim in the ocean again after so long. They ended up making a small present for me when I left, which was a photo album with letters and photos during my stay with them. It was really sweet.

Since then, I've changed families to my last family, Knoblich. I have 4 siblings, 2 girls, 2 boys. I live in Hilden again (my first family also lived in Hilden). We have a big garden and an  above ground pool, which is a shame seeing as the weather is more often than not cloudy or rainy.

I visited my first host family again the other day. It was nice to see them again. We had ice cream, went to a book market in town, played cards and board games at home, had dinner and watched a big soccer match on tv. They aren't hosting anymore exchanges after me, but at the moment, their nephew is staying with them for a year to work.

School started again. I'm in the last year, or equivalent to Year 12 due to finding friends in the same age group as me, rather than an easier german level of study in a lower class. I hope that I will be able to participate in another language course soon instead. I am inquiring my German rotary about this.

My rotary club is starting to meet in person again in about 2 weeks. I am not sure when I am scheduled to do my presentation but I'm slowly preparing one.
Hope all is well in Australia.

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