On any given night in Western Australia, approximately 9,000 people are considered homeless. As Rotarians we have agreed to support “My Home” Australasia Limited to provide low cost housing for people experiencing homelessness
in Western Australia. 

Who will benefit from this project? 
Initial Target: Women over 55
(underrepresented in homelessness statistics)
Their needs: Homeless and welfare services
Current social circumstances:
1.Single women many of whom have performed home duties/caring roles
2.Financial stress arising from unemployment and/or inadequate superannuation
3.Victims of family & domestic violence A substantial proportion of homeless people simply can’t afford current rental prices, both in Perth and regional towns. Rent for a single bedroom apartment typically consumes 40% of the aged pension payments Further reading here: https://www.endhomelessnesswa.com/reports
What is “My Home” Australasia Limited?
A charity formed by a local Perth architect Michelle Blakely and a collaboration between public, private and NFP sectors. 
What is the plan?
Construct sustainably designed low cost homes (flat packed) on three separate sites in North Fremantle, East Victoria Park and Woodbridge. Houses will be constructed on land that is leased (at a negligible cost) from the state government and earmarked for future use . Community Housing Providers (CHP) will manage the properties, i.e. collect rent (to be set at an affordable proportion of the tenant’s income), maintain the houses and link tenants to the wrap-around support they need i.e. case workers.
Who will pay for construction?
Funding for the construction of houses has been secured from the private sector and philanthropic donors.
Why will this work?
A person is offered permanent housing and then connected with community support services in order to break the cycle of homelessness. This strategy has been proven to be highly effective in numerous countries around the world and has informed WA’s own Strategy to End Homelessness.
How can we impact homelessness?
Rotary has undertaken to support this project by ‘making the houses into homes’ by the following means:
  • Direct fundraising by Rotary Clubs to purchase furniture and household items for the houses. A RAWCS account has been set up to enable tax-deductible donations https://donations.rawcs.com.au/7-2020-21
  • Support grant applications that can provide additional funding for individual sites
  • Engage the Rotary network to seek donations from companies or interested individuals
  • Engage the Rotary network to garner volunteers and donors who may wish to assist with landscaping/reticulation of sites
  • Provide support services of a professional or trade nature where appropriate
  • Further avenues of assistance as they are identified
How can you help us make an impact?
  • Talk about the project within your circles
  • Encourage donations via “My Home” website
  • Increase awareness of the project by posting on social media & Linked-In