Posted by Paul Gianatti
International Volunteering
International Rotary Volunteers register their skills with RI to serve outside their home country. As Ambassadors for Rotary, they foster international understanding and goodwill, are expected to be flexible and culturally sensitive, and must maintain standards of behaviour that reflect positively on their home country and uphold the ideals of Rotary.
The most effective International Volunteers learn to work in solidarity with the members of the host community, helping them carry out their objectives , offering advice when asked, and encouraging them in their work.
Three ways to undertake international service:
  1. Register your skills with RI. Your registration is entered in the Rotary Volunteer’s data base, and you will receive information on registered projects available. You choose your project.
  2. Register as a Humanitarian Grants ‘CADRE of Technical Advisers ‘ to provide technical expertise to TFR in implementing projects.
  3. Volunteer to undertake  a Club Overseas Project.  Get  District/TRF Grant Funding for projects  within the 6 areas of focus.