Paul, as Foundation Club Director, first explained the meaning of Volunteering from the Rotary Handbook . A person who contributes their time , expertise and /or ability to carry out tasks for  others without expecting payment.. Real needs changing real lives and how can Rotarians help. They can register special skills with RAWCS on the Volunteer database, register as CADRE a Technical advisor on Projects, or through their own Club to be included in overseas work.
Rob outlined his work in the Solomon Islands in 1987 after cyclone Namu devastated the Islands.
Rob referred to his personal diary to explain his work. The Commonwealth Government offered to provide 86 pre-cut flat-pack two room classrooms and requested assistance from Rotary for their assembly in the affected villages. The volunteers were provided with bedding and army rations for the time spent in the villages. These rations were shared with the villagers. Rob's crew was Kevin Williams, a builder from Boyanup and Gary Bennett, a carpenter who worked for Bunnings in Mandurah.  Every team had one Rotarian.  The teams arrived on the Princess 2 boat and then used canoes to get to the villages .Communication was challenging as there were many different dialects and pidgin English. The teams became involved in village life . Rob taught the children the Australian National Anthem , both verses ,ready for the opening of the new village schools. He also took an Australian Flag for the event. Rob described the menu on the Island consisting of fish, crab, sweet potatoes, taro greens, pork and paw paw.
To entertain the children, Rob took frisbees and balloons. An unforgettable experience and he went back with Carol the following year for a visit.